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Preventative Maintenance

Prevention drives momentum

Ensure Your Business Momentum

There are few things more detrimental to business momentum than IT lapses. Bytek use a series of measures to identify and prevent issues long before they become a problem.

Preventative Maintenance is one of our core maintenance products and it ensures that your IT infrastructure is fully assessed on an ongoing basis. 

One of our highly skilled engineers will spend a full day or half day on-site, optimising your systems and checking for any emerging warning signs. These warning signs won’t be visible to you, but without due care, they will typically compound to a point where your system could seriously suffer. The engineer will issue a full diagnostic report and any necessary remedial measures can be taken, to ensure your business momentum is not affected. 

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)


There is nothing more important to your network, than your server. It is the indispensable backbone of everything - data storage; data processing, emails, accounts and software and even your business internet connection.

RMM is an automatic remote check on all of your server's main functions. We check your server every 15 minutes and generate detailed analysis in real time.  Other functions, which are not as time-critical, are checked and analysed on a daily basis. 

With RMM, you can be assured that emerging issues are never allowed to escalate and your business momentum won’t be jeopardised.

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