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Tayto Snacks
Case Study

Striving for excellence and growing together are two of the many values held at both Tayto Snacks and Bytek IT Solutions. Tayto Snacks had the idea to create a hybrid training and meeting room for their staff and clients. The conferencing room provides many functions, all of which foster growth. This project presented with potential problems, both structurally and geographically within the factory. However, adapting to and overcoming these issues were vitally important for both Bytek and Tayto Snacks to grow. Tayto Snacks came to Bytek with a concept, and we tailored our solution to fit the requirements to make the training and meeting room successful.





The goal of this project was to design and install a video conferencing solution that can adapt and function in a food factory environment. This room serves as a hybrid training and meeting room, intended for both staff and clients to benefit. The proposed solution can be used in a multitude of ways, like onboarding sessions for new employees, collaborative team meetings that can be attended in person or remotely, or team building workshops. The presence of a Microsoft Teams Room in a factory setting allows for uninterrupted communication, and increased efficiency and productivity.


The room was originally designed to make use of the space following a previous room installation, but at the time no one had any plans for the room. Tayto approached Bytek with the concept of a training and meeting room, including an interactive screen that could be used to teach, along with cameras that the maintenance team could use to show suppliers any issues that arise. It was discovered that due to the room not being planned prior to installing, that the walls were unsuitable for heavy mountings, so a supporting wall needed to be built. Another concern was the high noise levels in the factory, and whether they would interfere with the quality of the audio elements of the proposed solution.


Bytek provided an all-in-one video conferencing solution, despite the rooms’ hard surface issues. A false wall was installed so the 86” interactive touch screen, camera and sound bar could be mounted. The audio system included in this installation comprises of microphone mist technology. This guarantees that everyone in the room can be heard by those joining remotely, while also eliminating background noise through intelligent sound targeting, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.


This project was successful in its goals to promote upskilling, education, collaboration and growth. Bytek created a solution specific to the needs of Tayto Snacks, taking location, noise levels and access logistics into consideration. Despite these significant obstacles, Bytek manufactured a space that fosters business development in a family focused workplace.


What were the primary goals of this project, and do you feel they’ve been achieved?

The goal of this project was to elevate Tayto Snacks from factory focused processes, to a sharper organisational structure. Upskilling and education are of utmost importance to Tayto Snacks, in order to maintain a family focused site.

How has the newly installed conferencing room improved productivity and communication in the factory?

The meeting rooms present in the factory prior to the installation could host groups of 4-8 people, whereas the newly installed hybrid training and meeting room allows for Tayto Snacks teams to meet or educate people in large groups of up to 40 people at a time. Also, due to the location of the room in the factory, staff no longer have to transfer in and out of PPE to facilitate meetings and training sessions. The presence of the MS Teams room is helping training and meeting processes become more time efficient.


Were you satisfied with the installation process provided by Bytek?

Despite challenges such as restricted access and non-invasive phases of installation, Bytek delivered on their promises. Larry the engineer's professionalism and efficiency contributed to the successful implementation of a Hybrid training and meeting room that exceeded expectations and continues to enhance communication in the factory.

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