Worried about Security?

Is Malware and Ransomware still getting through your security? 

With employees bringing their own devices and remote working, does your existing solution cover all your businesses Internet traffic?  

Is the data in the cloud applications you use secure? 

Are you having difficulty managing your current security solution? Will it grow with your business? 

The New Threat Landscape

People think of computer viruses and malware as one piece of software targeting thousands or millions of devices, and these still exist, but now the threat has changed. This is why it is importation to have a firewall and an Anti Virus and to keep your system up to date.

70% of Malware is unique to each organization and signature-based Anti-Virus tools are not enough. Cyber Criminals are buying attacks on the Dark Web and putting it together like Lego to attack Businesses and individuals.


We need to go deeper

Everything on the Internet has an IP Address, like the latitude and longitude coordinates for your house.  Remembering strings of numbers is hard, so we use the Domain Name System, DNS, to turn the numbers into nice.com or .ie domain names. We need to work at the DNS level to protect your business. 

Cisco Umbrella


Bytek work with Cisco, the world leader in Networks, to bring you a solution. Cisci Umbrella logs or blocks all Internet activity destined to malicious sites. It provides threat protection like no other because it knows which DNS infrastructures and IP networks will distribute malware, control botnets, or phish login credentials before your organization is attacked.