Managed Hosting Services

Complete security and reassurance with minimal downtime

Our range of Managed Hosting Services can provide businesses with a firm platform to build their IT infrastructure. Our hosting service platform is a fully flexible IT environment that enables us to bring to you a complete range of hosting services.

By utilising our own datacentres and our in-house experts; we can offer co-location services, a dedicated server(s) in our datacentre, virtualise your server environment or even provide a complete managed hosting package. 

BYTEK IT's TEKmanage Hosting Services can be tailored to a businesses specific needs. We assess your current IT systems and advise on a suitable Hosting Service for your business.


You can benefit from:

  • Minimal Server Downtime
  • Lower Cost and Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Secure Hosting Expertise and Support
  • Continual Protection of your Business Critical Systems

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