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IT Network Security And IT Monitoring

IT Network Security – Your very own IT Department when you need it

Business information is a key business asset and it is ingrained within your business IT network security infrastructure, website, servers, emails and databases; which makes it even more important for it to be tightly guarded, protected and IT Network security to taken extremely seriously.

Company cyber IT network security threats are increasing on what seems like a daily basis. Computer hackers are getting ever more skilful in finding ways to bypass IT network security systems , this is why it is so important to have professional IT network security experts behind your company and its data and network security.

These are just some of the threats to your IT Network security.

  • Encryption software or Ransomware.

  • Viruses, Trojans and Worms.

  • Data Theft

  • Spam

  • Computer Hackers

  • Spyware, Malware & Adware

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At BYTEK IT we can provide IT Network Security Penetration & Network Vulnerability Testing:

  • Regular and timely IT Network Security testing

  • Help prevent illegal access to your IT network

  • Help to reveal sIT network security risks or vulnerabilities in your IT network security infrastructure.

  • IT network security audits and consultancy service


Complete Managed Firewall Service

To limit the risks of unauthorised access onto your IT network infrastructure, BYTEK IT can provide a managed firewall service where we can continuously monitor your firewall(s), to ensure maximum uptime and performance of the device and network security.

IT Networks Security Monitoring

IT network security monitoring is important as computer systems, applications, desktops can be unpredictable and prevention is often better than a cure; within our IT Support Services our IT monitoring service can be included.

IT network security monitoring is beneficial because it acts as disaster prevention, helping you ensure high levels of integrity and performance from your IT network.

With Cloud Computing options gaining popularity and becoming the norm, it is even more important to have IT security in place to protect your vital business data; as essentially cloud computing uses the internet to connect continuously.

BYTEK IT can provide and implement a tailored and affordable, all-in-one network and content IT security solution. By partnering with best of breed vendors, our IT network security service will help you protect your data and IT network from spam, viruses, malware, intrusions and cyber-threats

With around 22% of all businesses ceasing trading after being hit with a Ransomware attack, IT network security is more important than ever. Speak to a Bytek IT Network Security specialist in plain English and make your IT network security a priority.

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