Network and Wi-Fi




ICT for Schools

Why Choose Bytek for ICT in your school?

We have been working with Schools across the country for more than 15 years, providing full solutions to those schools with small number such as 30-50 students to 1200 students. We have dedcaited ICT for Schools engineers who provide full managed service such as summer power downs over the summer season along with full onsite upgrades and repairs to pre existing technology. Whatever your school may need Bytek will be able to support you and your school. We also provide full wireless network upgrades designed for educational needs and budgets.


Network and WiFi

Cisco Network for Schools

We can set up a secure, fast and reliable network in your entire school, wired or wireless.


Helpdesk IT Tech Support for Schools Education

Our expert Support team can take care of any tech issues so you can rely on Bytek


Clevertouch for Schools

Clevertouch is the leading Education brand in interactive touchscreens in the UK, find out more.

Computers, Laptops and Tablets


We distribute HP and Dell, we can provide and support all your hardware needs.

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