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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting services is when a server is dedicated to your business and housed in one of BYTEK IT's datacentres; it will be fully managed and monitored around the clock. Our administrative services are designed specifically to support a complete hosting environment. You can also co-locate and move your existing server(s) into our state of the art datacentres. 

Our dedicated hosting service is built around your business, there are different hosting service levels to choose from to help alleviate the pressure on your IT resources.


Managed dedicated hosting typically includes:

  • Deployment and Scaling – our experts will design and administer a bespoke hosting environment, designing a hosted service that offers scalability and flexibility as your business grows.

  • Backup & Recovery – helping you ensure your business continuity by protecting your vital data

  • Monitoring & Reporting – proactively monitor your hosted infrastructure and reporting and fixing problems that occur.

  • Security – we have state of the art anti-virus software, firewalls, and switches in place to protect your servers

  • Support – 24 x 7 technical support remotely and on-site

Enterprise Hosting Service

Our enterprise hosting service is ideal for high traffic e-commerce sites, business critical applications with minimal downtime.

Our datacentres are strategically placed so we can provide excellent bandwidth and connectivity to ensure your e-commerce website is always running for the world to see.

BYTEK IT's managed hosted services are flexible to meet your business needs.

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