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Our dedicated team of professionals can assist with your DR planning from basic entry level tape drives right up to fully fledged Storage Area Network (SAN) solution


Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

How long can your business survive in the event of a critical IT-Systems failure? Bytek offer affordable tailored options to suit individual business needs.


Small Business Server Recovery

This is an ideal solution for small to medium sized businesses who can live with a little down time but would require that the recovery time be much quicker than the traditional route. Bytek have a template solution utilising specialist recovery software, external NAS drives and a redundant PC/Server for use as the Temporary Server.

The System Recovery Software on your Server and an Image of the Server is written on a scheduled basis to an attached NAS drive. In the event of the main Server or Application Server going down, due to software or component failure, the Image from this Drive is blasted onto the redundant PC/Server which is then used until your fileserver is repaired and functional again. This is a very cost effective DR solution for any small business who rely on the uptime of their critical business systems.


Real-time Replication & Systems Recovery

This is a best of breed DR solution which allows for the real time replication of either one or many Critical Servers on site, to one or more Failover Target Servers, usually located in a separate part of your building or another location altogether. 

In the event of a critical server failing, there is a seamless switch-over to the Failover Target Server. This allows time for the failed Server to be repaired or re-built, and once it is ready the software will then replicate back to the newly repaired Server and switch back once both Servers are at the same replication level.

This is the highest level DR solution available to keep a business operating on a continuous basis and one which we have implemented at many or our customer sites.

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