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Edtech’ is playing an ever increasing role in education where it engages both students and teachers into a full immersive experience. Bytek are Edtech leaders in Ireland and we have have partnered with some of the best names and products available. Bytek have solutions for all your Edtech needs, projects and crucially, budgets.

“The student experience is paramount and our teachers and students alike are driving technology adoption”

Avocor Case Study - The University of Edinburgh

Avocor Case Study - The University of Edinburgh


With the digital revolution over the last 20 years, teaching and technology has converged as we have moved away from dusty chalkboards to interactive devices which enable learning through collaboration. We would like to introduce you to our family of interactive displays, where you will find a product for every need and requirement, all built with the same ethos, that understanding is at the heart of our innovation. This is the Avocor brand promise to our customers and is the fundamental principle behind
our product design and customer engagement

Avocor are the collaborative display technology specialists and the new E Series is Accurate, Superior and Affordable

Avocor are the collaborative display technology specialists, and the first to market with ‘ in glass touch ‘ which is the best in touch screen technology currently available in terms of touch and feel.

The Avocor screens like the Microsoft Surface Hub are easy to use in a familiar Windows environment.

The Windows 10 operating software is powered by an Intel Quad processor, offering a familiar user interface that is instantly recognisable and provides native integration with the Microsoft Office software suite, making everyday applications such as PowerPoint and OneNote easily accessible. 

Vestel IFM Series Interactive Flat Panel Displays

55", 65", 75" & 84"

Designed with LED touch screen technology , the Vestel Interactive Flat Panel Display is a dynamic and engaging solution for both education and business environments .

Encouraging interactive communication , its technology facilitates learning as well as information sharing.

OKTOPUS Education Software

OKTOPUS is an interactive presentation and collaboration software designed for use with any interactive whiteboard, interactive projector and any interactive touch screen flat panel display.

OKTOPUS allows you to annotate and work over or alongside any software application, your existing content, or over a web browser. Compatible with Windows and Mac, OKTOPUS gives everyone – whether in education or corporate – the flexibility to use the application, content and resource of their choice.

Annotate, Present, Collaborate & Poll.

Extend your OKTOPUS lesson beyond the whiteboard! Simply create a lesson, start a presentation, and display your screen across tablet devices in the room.

OKTOPUS can collect valuable feedback from mobile devices and existing Qwizdom response hardware instantly.

Generate individual or class reports instantly for performance summaries allowing one to monitor and track student progress and understanding across topics, modules or entire subjects

Bytek have solutions for all your education needs, projects and budgets. We can put together the perfect ‘tailored’ solution.

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