Doing these 3 things can help you manage your phone addiction

Addicted to your phone?

Everyone is getting more and more addicted to their phones and companies are designing apps to suck away your attention. When you need to concentrate, getting the phone out of the way is important. Try these three tactics to save time and get more work done.

Stop or the tree gets it with the Forest app

Forrest App.png

This app lets you grow a virtual forest while not using yoru phone, if you use yoru phone during the set time, the cute little tree you are growing will die.  A funny way to help you avoid using the phone. Get the app for iPhone and Android.

Speed up charging and kill distractions with Aeroplane mode

Not just for travel, Aeroplane mode lets you turn off every network on your phone with one tap. The great thing is it also speeds up the charging process as your phone isn't using power on 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Try do this when you need to get some serious work done.

Notifications are time killers, turn them off!

You don't need to answer notifications. Every one of them is a time suck, so turn them off.

  • On the iPhone, there is a notification section in settings.
  • On Android, you can prevent apps from using notifications in the app settings or in the individual app settings.
  • Leave on breaking news on if you must, but you don't need 3 different ones, reporting the same thing.
  • Turn off email notifications and only answer email at design ated times, if the need you that badly they can call you.

Hope these tips help, remember you can contact Bytek IT Solutions for all your Mobile, Network and IT Helpdesk needs. 

5 Android Apps you might not know about

Android Apps

Android Apps

Whether your phone is a Samsung, Sony, HTC or Huawei, a lot of people are using Androis.  We put together a list of the best and most useful Android apps around.  If you have a good app, share it in the comments.   


Pocket App using Text to Speech feature

Pocket App using Text to Speech feature

Everyone needs to sue this app. Pocket is your personal library for useful links, blog posts and news articles as well as videos. There is an iOS, Android and desktop extension so you can bring it everywhere. 

You save links to pocket then you can read them in a simplified view.  You choose the text size and colour, and if your eyes are tired, you can get your phone to read it to you, just click Listen(TTS). The app also has a social feature that lets you follow journalists and your friends, and makes a feed of recommended articles. 


Nuzzel is a social news app that makes it easy to keep track of what your friends are sharing. Connect your Twitter and Facebook and see articles your friends share in a handy feed. You can set up filters so you are notified when a number of friends share something.  You can also subscribe to topics to get the, latest news. 

Train Times Ireland

This app is a great app for all Irish Rail times, Intercity, Commuter and DART. The design is tidier and easier to use than the official Irish Rail app, and it has the same times and information.  There is a paid version with additional features, but the free app is perfectly usable.

Microsoft Office Lens

This app is the easiest and best way to scan documents.  Just open the app and wait for the line to appear around the document, then take the photo.  This is also good for scanning ID cards or Passports, Business cards or parts of documents.  There are a lot of sharing options as well.  This app may mean you can replace your scanner with your smartphone.


Starting DreamLab

Starting DreamLab

There have been a lot of advances in medicine and biology in the past few years.  Making new drugs and researching new treatments requires a lot of computing power.  With this app, you can help out.  Thousands of DreamLab users lend their phone’s spare computing power to work together to do small parts of this research.  This uses a small amount of Data and you can choose how much data and wifi to use. 

Let us know what you think of these apps.  Can you recommend some apps we should write about?

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