Stealthy TrickBot Malware Has Compromised 250 Million Email Accounts And Is Still Going Strong


Stealthy TrickBot Malware Has Compromised 250 Million Email Accounts And Is Still Going Strong.

A strain of malware known as TrickBot has been infecting victims since 2016. It's still going strong today -- in fact many in the cybersecurity world consider it the top threat targeting businesses right now. Experts believe that TrickBot may have compromised upwards of 250 million email accounts so far.

Researchers at DeepInstinct have been tracking TrickBot activity. In recent years they've seen the malware evolve and add new capabilities that have made it even more dangerous.

One of those additions is something DeepInstinct refers to as TrickBooster. Its job: to send spam emails from infected computers in order to increase the spread of TrickBot infections.

At its core, TrickBot is a banking Trojan. The malware is typically distributed via spearphishing emails -- like bogus resumes sent to human resources or invoices sent to accounts staff. Those are typically attached in the form of weaponized Microsoft Word or Excel files…..

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