Lack of resources top challenge to IT security

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Lack of resources top challenge to IT security

IT security budgets are failing to keep up with rising security threats, a survey of information security professionals shows.

A lack of resources is the biggest challenge, according to 45% of respondents to the latest annual survey by the Chartered Institute of Information Security, the independent not-for-profit organisation responsible for promoting professionalism and skills in the IT profession.

Formerly the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP), the organisation achieved Royal Charter status in July 2019, becoming the only chartered institute focused solely on cyber security.

After a lack of resources, respondents cited a lack of experience as their top challenge (37%), followed by a lack of skills (31%).

Ultimately, security professionals feel their budgets are not giving them what they need, the survey report said, with only 11% saying security budgets were rising in line with, or ahead of, the cyber security threat level, while the majority (52%) said budgets were rising, but not fast enough. 

Asked about the source of cyber security threats, 75% said people are the biggest challenge they face in cyber security, followed by processes (12%) and technology (13%). This may explain the need for more resources even as budgets increase, the report said, noting that the people issue is a far more complex one to deal with…..

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