Cybersecurity: Do these six things to protect your company online

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Cybersecurity: Do these six things to protect your company online

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Organisations firms believe they can fight cyberattacks – but a new survey suggests they’re overconfident in their abilities.

Cyberattacks and data breaches have cost UK mid-market companies over £30 billion, yet organisations remain complacent about their cybersecurity capabilities – putting them at greater risk from hackers and cybercrime.

Business and financial adviser Grant Thornton surveyed hundreds of mid-market organisations – those with £15m and £1bn per year and found that despite the threat posed by cyberattacks, boards aren't effectively prepared to manage the risks.

Of those companies surveyed for Grant Thornton's Cybersecurity: the Board Report, over half of companies (53%) reported losses of between 3 and 10% following a cyberattack or data breach. But the losses can also be much worse: 6% of businesses consulted in the report said they lost between 11% and 25% of revenue as the result of an incident…..

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Source : Danny Palmer ZD Net.

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