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Email is a service that customers always expect to work, seamlessly. But have you experienced your email traffic being blocked due to IP blacklisting? Or have you had to deal with chasing fraudulent accounts and getting your IP addresses off blacklists? If not, chances are you may still have to at some point given the growing problems with spam. 

Spam leaving networks is often neglected. Organizations believe they run legitimate businesses that aren’t going to send out spam. However, you can’t control the actions of each email user. Often email users who simply aren’t aware of the consequences might send out mass mailers or bulk email, resulting in email being classified as spam. However, it’s not only limited to direct actions of email users. Compromised computers linked to botnets are also culprits. Spammers use botnets to orchestrate activities of hacked computers remotely, with the owner of the compromised computer totally unaware. Botnets are the primary tools for sending spam and malware. 

Organizations of all sizes face the challenges of managing users, from mid-market businesses to companies with millions of email users, and often with limited time and resources. …..

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Bytek Complete Managed Email Security Services

Email is now the most common form of communication within businesses but many do not realise how important it is until its unavailable.

To ensure business emails are continuously working it is vital that businesses have protection from the ever growing and sophisticated email security threats.

BYTEK IT can provide a comprehensive email protection service that provides inbound and outbound filtering of spam, viruses and phishing by using a unique multi-layered filtering technology. It provides real-time 24/7 virus and spam outbreak protection. 

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