What is Network Agility?


What is Network Agility?

Network agility can be defined as the speed at which a network can adapt to change while maintaining resiliency, security, and management simplicity.

As I was reviewing the results of the Sirkin Research/LiveAction survey titled: Top Trends Transforming Network Operations, one specific question caught my eye. When asked to choose a top business goal for 2019, over one-third (34 percent) of IT decision-maker respondents answered that it was to "improve network agility." This particular answer was the number one choice. 

Thus, it must be important to many organizations. Yet it left me wondering, what does "network agility" truly mean? Agile software development is an easy enough concept to grasp. But as it relates to the network, I honestly wasn't sure what makes one necessarily agile. After all, it sounds rather vague and potentially could mean different things to different people. After a bit of research, however, I discovered that network agility is rather well defined and consists of four key components. Let's go over how to properly define network agility and its core components while also providing real-world examples of how one can implement network agility into any production network.

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Source : Andrew Froehlich for Networkcomputing.com


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