Bytek IT Solutions and SolarWinds MAX Back up solutions


SolarWinds MAX Back up solutions

As technology evolves, as seen in the media the threats also evolve. With the increasing use of mobile technology and cloud computing, continuous assessment of your IT systems security is essential to ensure your vital data is protected from viruses, spam, spyware, malware and network brTo protect your data , Bytek It solutions uses SolarWinds RMM. SolarWinds crucially has the capability to protect your business environment or network from security threats and cyber attacks. This capability is enhanced by one of  its features called patch management. Through patch management Bytek are able to ensure to our customers that their business environments are safe, as they are  equipped with programs that are always up-to-date.

SolarWinds ensures that Bytek IT Solutions are able to immediately detect the IT security issues across the network of our clients. The network management software offers an advanced malware protection feature, protecting your business environments from cyber attacks. It ensures that the antivirus installed across workstations, sites, and servers is up-to-date. It also allows our specialist workforce by enabling them to troubleshoot issues extremely quickly and efficiently and guaranteeing a first class customer service .

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