Learn about Internet Security with these 3 TED Talks

Everyone is worried about Internet Security

Internet Security at Work

We hear horror stories about Cybercrime, Ransomware and data losses. We put together some interesting TED talks that cover a lot of issues in Internet Security. 

Where does Cybercrime come from?

2 billion personal records stole last year. This talk gives some useful information on the scope of cybercrime as well as proposing ways to deal with it. The talk shows how the dark web acts like a marketplace for attacks. IBM has opened up its cyber threat database.

Wire Tapping the Secret Service, Don't try this at home!

This video is funny but shows some serious flaws. The reputation of your business is easy to attack online. Make sure that you search for your business name and that you are in control of all your online listings. Setting up a Google News alert for your business name can automate this process.

Reconceptualizing Security

This is an old talk, but a good one, talking about the feeling of security versus the reality. Bruce Schneier is a well know Internet Security expert with a blog that is well worth reading, find out about security theatre and a false sense of insecurity

Avoiding Ransomware and Cybercrime at Work

Read our earlier blog post on how to avoid Cybercrime and protect your Internet Security. This free guide shows employees how to avoid phishing emails.

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