Finding Answers Online – 3 of the Best Websites

Got Questions?

Got Questions?

There are a lot of sites out there, and some can have a lot of bad information. Here are some resources for getting good answers to your questions.

Stack Exchange

This site originally started as a programmer site, but it now covers all kinds of questions. You can search existing questions or choose where to post your question.

You can view the profile of the person who answers the question and see how many upvotes and badges they get. This site has a lot of experts on it.  Check out Stack Exchange here.


Quora is a great Q&A site. It covers every topic and you can comment and ask new questions and tag the relevant topic.


YouTube has general information on almost anything. Some channels are making well produced educational content. You can also find many recorded conference speeches and presentations. If you go to you can find videos from top universities around the world. 

Promote your business by sharing your expertise.

Stack Exchange, Quora and YouTube are great places to share your expertise. You can include links to your business website in your bio and develop good business leads.

While these websites can be useful, they do not come with a guarantee. If the answer is critical to your business, you should consider paying experts. For Expert IT support, talk to Bytek today. Our expert Helpdesk can support all your business IT needs.