Are you ready for 2018? The Office Worker's IT Checklist!

We hope you enjoyed the turkey and the cheesy films on TV and are ready for a productive 2018. We put together a list of a few things we think every office worker should do to make sure they are ready for the new year from an IT perspective. 

Security is more important than ever, do those updates now!   

Make sure you are running a supported, up-to-date version of Windows. If you are running Windows XP you need to stop now and get a new version. Windows 7, 8 or 10 are all protected, but only if you have the latest security update installed. Make sure you restart and install any updates! 

Most attacks come through the web browser, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome or Firefox. Make sure you are running the latest version so you are protected! 

In 2018 we are going to get more and more mobile. Make sure your Android or iPhone is running the latest operating system and your apps are up to date.  

Phishing attacks will continue in 2018, stay safe!

Phishing is when someone impersonates an email sender and tries to get you to click a malicious link or send personal information. We put together a list of tips to avoid phishing attacks.

Print the list and review it frequently. Talk to colleagues about these tips and make sure everyone in your office understands them. You can always talk to your account manager about your security and what products are right to protect your business.  

Technology is changing every day, keep your skills up to date! 

Check out LinkedIn Learning for some free courses on topics like data science, excel, project management and more. Coursera has some very good courses from universities around the world.  

YouTube has some very high-quality channels. It has content from TED, other tech conference, and even a very good Introduction to Computer Science course.  

We produce a lot of guides on our blog.  

Make sure you are getting the most from the cloud with mobile apps

If you use an iPhone, this is how to get your outlook email to work with your phone. We have a guide on how to get all the Office 365 apps working on your phone and how to get your files and email from anywhere. 

Are you happy with your office phone system? Want to know more about VoIP? 

We put together a guide on what VoIP can do for your business. Do more with your phones while saving money. Read the guide here. With VoIP you can also get some really nice handsets, we put together a guide here

Where to start? 

Finally, if you aren't sure about any aspect of your IT, maybe it's time for a complete site audit. This service will check your network and every device on your site for security and missing updates. It's a good starting point for new IT projects.