Is your personal tech ready for 2018?

We hope everyone has a great 2018. Around this time people get new gadgets and have time to catch up on some of the things you ignored during the year. We've put together an end of year roundup of tech tips and tools, we hope you find them useful. 

Got a new Android phone? Check out this guide on how to customise it.  

Was there a new iPhone under the tree this Christmas? Check out this guide on how to set it up. 

There's a lot of talk about security and personal data on Facebook. Do you use Facebook? Do you know who can see your stuff? Follow this guide on how to secure your Facebook account.

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Got some accounts on old sites you don't use anymore? Sometimes an account you haven't used for years can be hacked and if you used the same password on it and a new account, you are at risk. Want to get rid of these accounts? This site has instructions on how to delete accounts. 

Why not check if the apps and services you are using are the best for the job? This site shows you alternatives to popular software