All new, the cloud and Office 365 made easier to use!

You may have noticed the changes to your online Office 365 web portal. The new page layout keeps everything you need and gives you easy access to your documents. More details below 

Easy to search the OneDrive cloud 

Office com search cloud 365.png

Next to the heading on the top right, you will find the search box. This lets you search all documents you have access to online. Just start typing and a dropdown will appear with the documents that match your search. 

TIP: use descriptive titles for your files so you can find them easily later, don't write report 1 as a title, write report 1 on the future of x and y. 

All your Office 365 apps in one place

office 365 apps in the cloud.png

Under the search are icons for all the office apps you need. You have two options here, first you can use them online just by clicking on the app like Word or OneNote. Alternatively you can download them and install on your computer. 

Tip: Check out OneNote, a really powerful note taking app, if you haven't already. It's great for things that need to be remembered but don't need their own doc! 

All your documents in one place, OneDrive

office 365 onedrive documents.png

Under this are your docs, there are three tabs here, Recent, Printed and Shared with you. Clicking any document will directly open it in your browser.  

Tip: Remember to use OndDrive so all your important documents are in the cloud and available for you to use.  

We hope this guide is useful, if you don't have Office 365 yet it's easy to set up, and the most cost-effective option for your business. Contact us today for more information and a quote.