Are you using RSS in Outlook? An easy way to keep track of the news

RSS News in OUtlook

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. The basic idea is you can read the news the same way you read email. You subscribe to a feed and get notifications when a news publisher has a new story.

RSS Icon

RSS Icon

This is the RSS icon. Click on it and copy the web address into outlook to subscribe. Don’t worry if it looks like a bunch of random code, RSS feeds don’t display properly in browsers.  

Feedly is a good option that works on all platforms, but if you have Microsoft Office, you have Outlook, so don’t need to add another app.

To add a feed in Outlook, just right click on “RSS Subscriptions” on the left, and click “Add New RSS Feed”

Every time the site makes a post, you get a number in the folder, so clicking on the site will show a feed of the latest news.

This can be useful for a lot of things, from keeping up to date on the news to watching your competitors.

How to subscribe to an RSS feed in Outlook?

Step 1: Copy the RSS feed address for example: 

Step 2: Open Outlook

Step 3: Right-click on RSS Subscriptions and choose Add new RSS Subscription

Step 4: Past the address in the box from step 1 and click Add.

Now you have subscribed to your first RSS feed. You can find some useful feeds below, so get subscribing!

Here are some useful RSS feeds

This is just one of the great features in Outlook. Check out our Outlook cheat sheet and learn how to unsend emails in Outlook. If you want Office 365 or other IT services, contact us today.