Office 365, access your work files and emails from anywhere

Is Office 365 right for your business?

Recent weather events have proven the need and power of the cloud to give you access to your email and files, no matter where you are.

Get your Outlook Email from Anywhere.

Using a phone is the quickest way to get access to your work email if your office power is down by connecting to Office 365 using the Outlook app. Just download the iPhone or Android app, and log in with your work email and password.

If you are borrowing a laptop, you can also use the web version of outlook for your work email.

Get your files from anywhere with OneDrive for Business

You can access your documents anywhere with OneDrive for Business. You can keep your files on your work PC and have them synced to the cloud. 

Download OneDrive from your Office 365 Portal and install it on your work PC or Laptop, then move all your documents to the OneDrive documents folder.

Install the OneDrive app on your iPhone or Android device or access it through the web to access any document.

Office 365 lets you create Documents, Spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations from anywhere.

You can also access Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint online or through phone apps with your Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

·         Microsoft Word, iPhone, Android

·         Microsoft PowerPoint, iPhone, Android

·         Microsoft Excel, iPhone, Android

Remember to be safe and protect your Internet Security.

You need to have a strong password. Make sure it isn’t God or Passw0rd and change it regularly. Use a list of random words, or a string of random numbers and letters if you can remember it and don’t write it down!

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