5 Android Apps you might not know about

Android Apps

Android Apps

Whether your phone is a Samsung, Sony, HTC or Huawei, a lot of people are using Androis.  We put together a list of the best and most useful Android apps around.  If you have a good app, share it in the comments.   


Pocket App using Text to Speech feature

Pocket App using Text to Speech feature

Everyone needs to sue this app. Pocket is your personal library for useful links, blog posts and news articles as well as videos. There is an iOS, Android and desktop extension so you can bring it everywhere. 

You save links to pocket then you can read them in a simplified view.  You choose the text size and colour, and if your eyes are tired, you can get your phone to read it to you, just click Listen(TTS). The app also has a social feature that lets you follow journalists and your friends, and makes a feed of recommended articles. 


Nuzzel is a social news app that makes it easy to keep track of what your friends are sharing. Connect your Twitter and Facebook and see articles your friends share in a handy feed. You can set up filters so you are notified when a number of friends share something.  You can also subscribe to topics to get the, latest news. 

Train Times Ireland

This app is a great app for all Irish Rail times, Intercity, Commuter and DART. The design is tidier and easier to use than the official Irish Rail app, and it has the same times and information.  There is a paid version with additional features, but the free app is perfectly usable.

Microsoft Office Lens

This app is the easiest and best way to scan documents.  Just open the app and wait for the line to appear around the document, then take the photo.  This is also good for scanning ID cards or Passports, Business cards or parts of documents.  There are a lot of sharing options as well.  This app may mean you can replace your scanner with your smartphone.


Starting DreamLab

Starting DreamLab

There have been a lot of advances in medicine and biology in the past few years.  Making new drugs and researching new treatments requires a lot of computing power.  With this app, you can help out.  Thousands of DreamLab users lend their phone’s spare computing power to work together to do small parts of this research.  This uses a small amount of Data and you can choose how much data and wifi to use. 

Let us know what you think of these apps.  Can you recommend some apps we should write about?

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Finding Answers Online – 3 of the Best Websites

Got Questions?

Got Questions?

There are a lot of sites out there, and some can have a lot of bad information. Here are some resources for getting good answers to your questions.

Stack Exchange

This site originally started as a programmer site, but it now covers all kinds of questions. You can search existing questions or choose where to post your question.

You can view the profile of the person who answers the question and see how many upvotes and badges they get. This site has a lot of experts on it.  Check out Stack Exchange here.


Quora is a great Q&A site. It covers every topic and you can comment and ask new questions and tag the relevant topic.


YouTube has general information on almost anything. Some channels are making well produced educational content. You can also find many recorded conference speeches and presentations. If you go to youtube.com/edu you can find videos from top universities around the world. 

Promote your business by sharing your expertise.

Stack Exchange, Quora and YouTube are great places to share your expertise. You can include links to your business website in your bio and develop good business leads.

While these websites can be useful, they do not come with a guarantee. If the answer is critical to your business, you should consider paying experts. For Expert IT support, talk to Bytek today. Our expert Helpdesk can support all your business IT needs.

These 5 useful websites will make you more productive

Useful Websites for Work to make you productive

Useful Websites for Work to make you productive

Easy way to schedule a meeting with a large group

You’ve all been there.  Trying to arrange a meeting with a large group, all with different calendar systems, and it just turns into a long email thread from hell. 

Doodle will solve this problem.  Doodle lets you do a poll online, with a list of names and a tick next to the times they are available.  You have several options and can do a lot with the advanced features.  One advanced tip is if you want to change the answers you made, go back to the poll and click on your name.  There will be an option to change the answer you submitted to Doodle.

Quickest way to send large files?

Sending large files can be a pain.  Most email clients have attachment limits, not everyone has a cloud storage system and different providers aren’t compatible.

WeTransfer does one thing well, sending large files.  Simply provide the email of the person you want to send a file to, then upload it.  This site really couldn’t be easier, and makes sending large files very easy.  It is also good for uploading on a slow internet connection as it will keep retrying and won’t leave you with a dropped file after 90%.

Warning.  Only open files you are expecting.  If you are unsure, ring the person who sent the file and make sure it isn’t a cyberattack.  Read our guide on avoiding cyberattacks here.

Websites to help you concentrate at work.

Sometimes it’s difficult to concentrate at work.  A bit of ambient noise can help to solve this.  ambient-mixer.com is a site with pre-made playlists of ambient noise.  You can customise these and make new ones. 

Best source for work advice?

Most questions have already been answered.  This may shock some people but if you are looking for the answer, someone else is too. 

The best way to check is to search YouTube.  From maths to IT to phones, if you search you will probably find someone going through exactly how to solve the issue you are having.

Searching Datasets and much more

Comparing multiple data sets, doing advanced calculations or conversions and the like can be difficult on your typical search engine. 

Wolfram Alpha calls itself a computation engine, so it does more advanced calculations and search.  Above is how it answers a question about the volume of a sphere.  Look at the homepage for some of the questions it can answer. 

Skype for Business

Arranging international calls is easy with Skype for Business.  Skype lets you have meetings with up to 250 people.  To join a meeting, all you need is a phone line or an internet connection.  If you are using Outlook, Skype for Business integrates with it to show contacts online status. 

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Make sure you know these important Excel basics

Excel is used in every business.  The tool is not just for making accounts, it has some very powerful chart and graphic facilities and it can even be used to do Data Science.  Make sure you know these basics to keep your skills up to date. 

Workbook and Worksheet, what’s the difference?

A new Excel file is called a Workbook and comes with one Worksheet.  The Workbook can have up to 255 Worksheets, although this mightn’t be a good idea.  Each Worksheet has approximately 16 million cells, so you won’t run out.  

If you are working on something with related tables, then adding a new Worksheet might make it easier to manage.  Hit Shift + F11 to add a new worksheet.  Your worksheets are shown in tabs on the bottom left.  By default, these will be called sheet 1, sheet 2 etc. but you can right click on them to rename and make them easier to understand. 

To move between worksheets just click on the tab, or hit CTRL + Page Up or CTRL + Page Down to move between worksheets.

Inserting rows and columns in Excel

Hit CTRL, Shift and the + Key to open the insert box.  This box lets you add rows or columns as well as shifting selected cells around the worksheet.  Remember if you do something wrong, keep hitting CTRL + Z to undo. 

Select text in Excel

Sometimes you need to do an operation on an entire row or column.  To select the entire row, go to the row and hit Shift and Space.  To select a column, go to the column and hit CTRL and Space. 

Autofill cells. 

If you want the same piece of text to fill an entire row or column, it’s easy.  Simply write the data in one cell, then move the mouse over the little square at the bottom right of the cell.  When the mouse turns from a large plus to a small plus, click and drag to where you want the text to be added to. 

What would you like to know about Excel?  Anything you are having difficulty with?  Leave a comment and we’ll write more blog posts answering your questions. 

Beyond Slide Decks, 5 Surprising Uses for PowerPoint

Social Media Graphic with PowerPoint.jpg

Social Media Graphics with PowerPoint

When posting to Facebook or Twitter, it can help to add an image.  These images make the post stand out and get more people to visit your website or contact you.  You can simply do a background colour with some text, or add text to an image by using the image as a background. This is also useful if you want to share more than 140 characters in one tweet.  When you save the slide, you can save it as a JPEG file.

Quick Sign with PowerPoint

Make a quick sign with PowerPoint

To make a quick sign, just use the title slide.  You can add text and insert shapes like arrows above.  

Easy to edit flowchart with PowerPoint

Easy to edit Flowchart

Sometimes you need to make a diagram to explain something.  Mind maps and flowcharts can be useful.  In the Home ribbon in PowerPoint in the drawing section you can add shapes.  Just click on the shapes to add text to them.  You can resize the shapes and change the background colour and text colour.  You can also add arrows between the shapes.  If you save the file as a .pptx file as well as a JPEG, you can share the JPEG on social or add it to documents, but you can go back to the .pptx file and change the text and arrangement for later.  

Large Format Poster with PowerPoint

Large display posters

If you need to design a large display poster for a shop, office or tradeshow, you can do it with PowerPoint.  The slide will print well no matter what size it is

Website Wireframe with PowerPoint

Wireframe or Prototype?

While making a finished website is beyond PowerPoint, you can design a rough outline of what your site will look like.  This can be useful to get the ball rolling with a designer, or to discuss options internally.  If you insert a link in a slide, you can have the destination as another slide.  This feature can make the presentation behave a bit like a website.  You can also design an app or a piece of software in the same way.   

Recall or Unsend an email in Outlook

Recall Email

It can be embarrassing sending the wrong email, but sometimes you can recall it.  We outline your options below. 

How to Recall an email in Outlook

If both parties use Outlook, then recalling or recalling and replacing is possible, once the receiver hasn’t opened the email.

To recall the email, first go to the sent folder and open the email you want to unsend.  In the Message ribbon, on the right in the more box, click the actions drop-down menu and click Recall message.

Recall Unsend an Email in OUtlook

You have two options here,

Recall or Replace an email in Outlook

-          “Delete Unread Copies of this message “ will delete the unread messages

-          “Delete Unread copies and replace with a new message ” will let you send a replacement message.

Important.  These will only work if the message is unread and if the person who got the message uses Outlook.

When you send a request, you will get an email saying it was successful or not. 

Recalled email message

If the receiver doesn’t use Outlook

If the receiver uses a different email client, there is not a lot you can do.  The Recall option will send them an email saying the sender has asked for the email to be recalled, but the wrongly sent email will still be in their inbox. 

Bytek can help with this and other IT needs for small and medium businesses.  For a quote of expert advice, Contact Us Today!

Outlook Cheat Sheet, Outlook Tips and Keyboard Shortcuts

Outlook is a great application for managing email.  Here are some features and tips you may not know about that can speed up your workday.  

Keyboard Shortcuts for email in Outlook

Keyboard shortcuts help speed up your Outlook use.

  • To reply to an email, hit CTRL + R
  • There are two ways to send an email, hit CTRL + Enter or ALT + S
  • Quickly forward your email, hit CTRL + F or ALT + W
  • Hit CTRL + N for a new email.
  • Hit F5 to send and receive all emails

Quickly find contacts in Outlook

If you are sending an email to someone in your internal address book. Click in the “To” field and type the first one or two letters of the person’s name, then hit Ctrl + K.  This will bring up a list of all people with a similar name.

Outlook also has a Calendar

Here's how to find the Calendar

Here's how to find the Calendar

You can take notes of upcoming events in your calendar, but the best feature is inviting others to meetings.  This is a business standard and it is in the middle of Outlook.

  • Go to a specific date, hit CTRL + G
  • Switch to week view, CTRL + W

Manage your Contacts in Outlook

On the left panel at the bottom are several icons.  If you click contacts, you can manage all

Tasks in Outlook

Keep track of all those tasks, link them to emails and add due dates and priorities.

Taking Notes in Outlook

Hit CTRL + SHIFT + N to make a quick note anywhere.

To view notes, click the three dots on the bottom of the left panel,

Click notes.

On the Go with the Outlook App

Don’t forget to check out the free Outlook app for iPhone and Android, and find out how to get your Outlook email on your iPhone here.   Keeping all these functions in one app speeds up your workday and helps keep your business on track.

Keep in touch

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What do all the Three Letter Acronyms mean?

You will see a lot of acronyms, mainly with 3 letters, these are called TLAs, three letter acronyms, and this is your guide to understanding what they mean

WWW – World Wide Web

The Internet is a network, a lot of things use the Internet, Email, Video, smart devices, and the World Wide Web.  When you use a browser to look up a website, you are using the World Wide Web, invented by Sir Tim Burners Lee, in 1989. At the time, he was working in CERN, a Particle Physics Lab in Geneva. 

TLD – Top Level Domain. 

This is the .com or the .ie at the end of a website address.  A lot of new TLDs have been launched, like .club, .limo and .tech.

IP Address – Internet Protocol

This is a string of numbers separated by dots, which is how you get to a website.  You use a DNS to look these up.


This is an expansion of the current IP system.  The original system is called IPv4 and has 4 groups of numbers, which means there are 4,294,967,296 available.  Would you believe this is running out, and that is now why we need IPv6, which has 6 groups of numbers and 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456, so we won’t be running out any time soon. 

DNS – Domain Name Server

This is a system that turns a text website address like bytek.ie into a set of numbers, it’s IP address

IoT - Internet of Things

These are usually small devices, other than computers, that connect to the Internet, for example, a light bulb, speaker, sensor.  The most famous example of this is perhaps the Nest Thermostat.

HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol

This is how your browser makes a request to the web server that hosts a website when you type bytek.ie, your browser sends a HTTP request and when the page comes back, the server sends a HTTP response with the website.

HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Like HTTP, but when you make a connection it is secure.  You should check the website address starts with https:// or has a padlock on it in your address bar when giving out financial or confidential information.  

POP – Post Office Protocol

POP was first introduced in 1982 and is designed for slow connections.  It is insecure and doesn’t support syncing to multiple machines 

IMAP –  Internet Message Access Protocol

While IMAP is more advanced, it requires a lot of remote space.  For work emails, the most professional and secure way to do this is with Exchange or Office 365

Bytek is an IT company dedicated to helping small and medium businesses succeed, with our helpdesk, hosted and VoIP solutions. Find out more here.

How to set up Outlook email on your iPhone

pablo (28).png

There are two slightly different ways to do this and they are outlined below. 

Getting Office 365 up and running on your iPhone

Go to Settings – Mail – Accounts -  Add Account

Select Microsoft Exchange as shown in shot 1,

Then just enter your username and password and it’s done.

Setting up an Exchange server outlook email (in-house email) with an iPhone

If you don’t have Office 365 don’t worry, you can still get you exchange email on your iPHoneHowever, we do recommend moving to Office 365, as it is a great service.

Go to Settings - Mail – Accounts - Add Account

Select Microsoft Exchange

Enter email address and password

Next – Continue

Enter Server e.g. mail.bytek.ie (Contact Bytek if you don’t know this)

Domain Optional

Enter Username (Your PC login username)

Enter Password (Your PC login password)

Select Next

Then hit done and use your mail

If this doesn’t work contact helpdesk@bytek.ie  

Supercharge your day with these Windows Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Most people use the mouse to navigate around their computers, but sometimes keyboard shortcuts can be quicker.  Here are a few of the most usfeul shortcuts:

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

This is a picture of a standard keyboard, outlining where some of these keys are.  Ctrl is usually on the bottom row on the far left, the second key is usually the windows key and the third, or the one nearest the spacebar is alt.  On some laptops there is also a function key, this is used with other keys to do key functions with them.

On the far left, above Ctrl is Shift, then above that is Caps Lock and above that is Tab.

These may be slightly different depending on the keyboard you have.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are two easy ways to switch between windows on a Windows machine. 

The first way is using Alt + Tab.  Hitting these keys once will switch from the current program to the previous program.

To switch between all programmes, hold down the Alt key and hit Tab to move between programmes. 

Using the Windows key + Tab shows all open windows.

Ctrl + Shift + Escape will bring up the task manager.  This lets you kill crashed programmes.  You can see all running programs and processors and also see CPU and memory usage. 

 If you want to close a programme, hit Alt + F4.

To select text, hold Shift and hit an arrow key.  Alt + Shift + Left Hour will select the character directly behind your cursor.

Windows Explorer lets you brows files in your computer.  To open it, hit Windows key + E

Set up your own Windows Shortcut Keys

You can make some custom keyboard shortcut.  Go to your desktop, right click an icon and click properties.  Type a key in the Shortcut field and that will be the shortcut.

For example, if you wanted to set up that Alt+Ctrl+O opens Outlook, just type O in the shortcut field.  Some of these may need permissions to set up, so contact Bytek for details.